PSIM Project

Project aims to realize a fully distributed solution to integrate multiple different security applications called Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). The users will manage large scale security systems, view multiple cameras, access doors, alarms and getting information from various sensors effectively to reduce time loss. Distributed and large scale systems gain situational awareness with map identification and geographical coordinate configuration features. The platform is customizable for the customer needs for better performance such as user management, camera management and flexible user interface.

Fully Distributed

Our system supports to spread out over two or more physically distinct servers. The servers may be located in the same room, or may be on opposite sides of the world. Moreover, the platform is designed for operating on fail over scenarios.

GIS Based

The data acquired from cameras, alarms, various sensors and digital inputs can be reflected and controlled on map. All the concept of PSIM can be controlled via animated map by authorized person.

Camera & Playback

The platform supports video wall. Moreover, multiple camera view with PTZ control might be projected single or multiple screen.

Incidents & Events

The platform collects and correlates events & incidents from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building systems, etc.) to empower personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations.

  • Enterprise-class client/server based video management
  • Fully distributed and scalable architecture
  • Supports ONVIF compliant cameras
  • Supports UPnP and NTP network protocols
  • Alarm monitoring and searching
  • Various alarm actions (e-mail, SMS, pop-up, rule based scripts)
  • Easy integration with 3rd party systems (access control systems, radar, fire alarm systems, keyboards, microwave, fiber optic technologies etc.)
  • Multi-level access and management levels
  • Intelligent & user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with interfaces / protocols of leading camera manufacturers
  • Supports IP, fixed, electro-optic, thermal and digital PTZ cameras
  • Camera localization (latitude, longitude and angle)
  • Customizable user workspaces & layouts
  • Detailed user logs
  • Detailed alarm reports
  • Short alarm generation time (~ 1 second) depending on the script
  • Graphical alarm log and statistics tracking
  • Instant alarm management on the user interface
  • Active alarm monitoring on the map
  • Allows switching from live video to playback instantly
  • Supports unlimited number of monitors
  • Video export