PSIM Platform

Use PSIM with GIS

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IoT & DLT Integration

Connect IoT Devices with DLT

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Blockchain & PSIM Integraton

Decentralized, Immune & Secure Systems

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Next Generation of PSIM!

Largely Scalable

The platform has ability to work with enormous number of cameras, access control systems and various other sensors.

Map Oriented

Compared to traditional PSIM concept, our platform puts map on the base of the system.

Remarkable Performance

Huge number of cameras can be viewed simultaneously on the platform

Ease of Integration

The platform supports many camera manufacturers, access control devices, VMS and various other sensors

Our Other Expertises

Integration of LPR, Face Recognition and various video analytic libraries

Implementation of IoT systems via various technologies such as DLT

Integration of some PSIM data with blockchain architecture